Yes. Purchases made through our website use eWay for secure payments. We don't store any credit card information in our own systems. You can visit the eWay website for more information.

Placing an order on-line is easy, but you don't have to. We have a shop you can visit.

You can:

  • Drop by our store, have a browse, and buy stuff there
  • Browse our website, then give us a call if you have questions or want to make alternative payment/delivery arrangements


We deliver to most locations in Australia.

We currently only deliver orders placed via our website to the ACT.

For deliveries outside the ACT, please call us and place your order over the phone so that we can calculate delivery costs.

We cannot deliver liquor products to a designated "dry area" within the Northern Territory (NT). The NT government website has a list of these dry areas.

Delivery cost is based on the delivery location and the size of the order (that is, the number of cases).

A case consists of up to 24 shipping units, where bottles or cans up to 500mL are 1 shipping unit, and bottles over 500mL are 2 shipping units.

So for example a case might consist of:

  • 24 standard (375mL) stubbies/cans
  • 12 bottles of wine or spirits
  • 6 bottles of wine and 12 standard stubbies/cans
Region Delivery cost
ACT $10 per case
Free for orders of $100 or more
Other Call for cost

For ACT delivery we aim to deliver the following business day from when your order is received. Some orders may take longer to deliver due to stock availability, so please allow 2–5 business days.

Please allow between 2–5 business days for delivery outside the ACT.