Image of Urbanaut Blender Rhubarb Saison / Apple Crumble Sour

Urbanaut Blender Rhubarb Saison / Apple Crumble Sour

Others 6.7% ABV

Beer Blender Rhubarb Saison 6.7% x Apple Crumble Sour 4% - 2 x 250ml Cans (Contains Lactose)

Rhubarb Saison: Fresh and Juicy with a playful hint of bubblegum, this saison hits with a wave of fruity, spicy esters on a crisp layer of rhubarb - festive and hazily delicious!

Apple Crumble Sour: A green apple sour lightly sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and a wee drop of french vanilla in this late-night delight.

Each Beer Blender contains 2 x 250ml cans of beer, packaged together and designed to be enjoyed on their own or blended together for a third flavour experience!

1 - Taste Can A

2 - Taste Can B

3 - Blend together


Available in 500mL can


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